24 April 2012

Confetti Cupcakes!

I think I'm in the clear to post these photos now. Yesterday I made some cupcakes and I posted how badly they'd gone wrong, but I'd be lying if I said they had all gone wrong cos look at these beauties! Unfortunately I couldn't upload these yesterday as they are gifts for my best friends who are currently sitting their 1st finals exam today! It's a very scary time but I thought I'd make it a bit better by turning the idea of sitting our first last exam (EVER) into a bit of a party. For anyone wondering why on earth I was making cakes when there are exams today, my first exam is on Friday (YES 3 more days of revision!).

So here they are I made the cupcake flags and wrote little messages on them to keep up the cheer during revision and decorated the cakes with what I love best, confetti sprinkles (they make me oh so happy!!).

So what do you think, should I be revising (definitely) do you like the confetti theme, and what are your favourite sprinkles/where can I get more?????????????!

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