23 April 2012

Revision is eternal, Baking is divine.

What I should really say is revision feels eternal but let's not be pedantic.

I was doing really well at revising too, until dehydration struck and now I cannot shift this headache and curses if I can't revise I shall at least procrastinate in a fun and filling way!

So I decided to make some vanilla cupcakes. My original plan was to spray them with silver glitter triangles in a sort of geometric print but it didn't really come out right, so I decided to turn them into flags on cupcakes,  real cupcake flags (sometimes I amaze myself/am bigheaded). They had little "keep happy we will eventually graduate" messages on and looked really cute too! Until I accidently smudged the icing. What can I say today was not my baking day. Headaches and careful icing do not mix. 

But hey ho, the show exam will go on as my christian housemate Sam (he is also several other things but you'll see why this is important/I thought it was funny NOTE; if you think you're being funny whilst having a headache check with someone else first) has his first exam tomorrow, and he needed a cupcake for his revision to continue. It was in his eyes. So this is the cupcake I made him; 

I think it is the perfect mix of wishing him luck for his exam and christian humour.. hope Sam thinks so!!

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