4 June 2012

Lovely Jubbly!

Oops, note to self never again set up a blog, break your laptop, and not get it fixed until some months later..Bad Flick.

Anyhoo, Happy Jubilations!! As brits will know, this weekend is the weekend of Queen Liz II's Diamond Jubilee! Which is one very exciting as only one other British monarch has lasted that long and two an excuse to paint union jacks on your faces, throw extravagant street parties and drink lots of pimms. This weekend has been super busy for me as it has also contained my dear friend Steff's birthday, my finals university ball, and the day festival apple cart in london, which have also been so much fun and not slightly dampened by the rain, drizzle or downpour which has occurred. To add to this busy time I also decided to throw a slightly impromptu jubilee party prior to the ball, which was not only so much fun but also an excellent excuse to dress my garden up in a decor only comparable Geri Halliwell's union jack dress (see old spice girl outfits), bake some mini vanilla cupcakes, and snap a couple of pics to welcome back  my laptop, the end of exams and the beginning of the short but not less dreaded wait till results day.