4 March 2013

Bagels and bad blogging

I have not been a good blogger.

I put it down to several reasons all of them involving a lack of time, but in summary the last months of my degree was probably not the best time to start a blog. However, finally i think I'm ready to start again, having moved twice, had two different jobs and moved in with my boyfriend. I'm going to touch wood and say I'm stable enough to keep up with it.

Anyhoo, i have still been reading other blogs and saw a super easy (and tasty!) recipe for bagels by Emma on a beautiful mess, which i just had to try. As a first time bageler this recipe really was so easy and the bagels were scrumptious! I added rock salt on top, as well as sesame seeds (i went without on the other seeds because i was too lazy to go to the shops, poor but a true reason) and I gotta say they went great with bacon and cream cheese for breakfast. For Emma's recipe for everything bagels see here

If you haven't had a look at a beautiful mess before, it's a must. Elsie and Emma team up to provide easy and very cool diys with some fun themed recipes on the side all to make your life a little more beautiful. Look here to find out more

Back soon..hopefully!

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