23 March 2013

Good thing I'm home

Last Saturday, me and my friend Louise, fellow infrequent blogger on ecofashion and fun, decided to meet up for coffee in central. I had, stupidly, forgotten the tube wasn't running on our northern part of the line but decided to brave the bus to Camden and go from there.

We were massively touristy; we walked across tower bridge, something I haven't done since moving to London, and saw a couple having their wedding photos taken (!), we walked round the Tower of London (note not inside, we're quite cheap) and then got in the glass elevator in the shopping center that overlooks St. Pauls and went right to the top to get a great view of the financial district of London, coincidently this is also where part of Made in Chelsea was filed with Caggie and the frenchman if anyone is interested.

Unintentionally, we ended up at Maltby Street Market just as it was winding down. I'd heard quite alot about this market, which is one small street in length with a couple of reclaimed car garages functioning as cafes, bakeries, a gin bar and what I can only describe as a speakeasy underneath the railway bridge. Oh! And it's also home to the St John Bakery Company, set up by John, winner of Great British Bake off; what's not to like. It was super cool, and although we didn't stay that long, enough for a coffee and an almond pastry for two, I'd definitely recommend it. Do believe the hype as it goes.

Then  it rained.

I hate rain, unless I have somewhere warm to run to after. But I had to get the tube and bus home, which were delayed. So by the time I got in I was the grumpiest grump, and was about to moan when Dan said he had a great idea for a headboard for our bed. I'm a sucker for headboards and this is a good one. We have tons of photos which I have no idea what to do with short of tiling our kitchen with them, but we decided to make our headboard out of all the best ones spelling out the word 'HOME' in blank space. It's really homely, forgive the pun but it's nice having all our family and friends watching over us when they're actually all over the place. Bit creepy? No, it's fantastic.

Oh home.

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