19 March 2014

Unsprung - Blackboard Decor

After having the best weekend ever, with seeing friends and family, and enjoying all the sunshine on offer, I can now confirm it's Spring. Which can only mean one thing, Summer's coming!

Now feeling thoroughly unsprung for spring and getting very excited for our holiday in 3 weeks with the family. I decided it was time for a change in decor to get us in the spirit of summer. As we are renting, it can be quite difficult to try and put our stamp on the place but we find ways to do it around drilling/painting/doing all the things you cannot do to a rental.

15 March 2014

Borough Market

Today, me and my best friend from home, Charlotte, went for a wander around Borough Market. I have always really enjoyed Borough Market probably because it reminds me of the huge food markets on the continent. It's true to say my enjoyment has extended to visiting it in the rain, not an unpleasant experience but a very wet one. But today, in the middle of March, it felt like Summer not Spring, this summer lovin' experience was aided by our stop off at the Pimms stall and sunbathing outside Southwark Cathedral, as well as browsing what the stalls inside the market had to offer.

And boy did it have a lot to offer today, there seemed to be more cheese stands than ever before with loads of artisan cheeses on offer including a really creamy Welsh Caerphilly. As a spice lover the Spice Mountain had so much I wanted I led Charlotte back round for a second look..and purchase with spices I'd been struggling to find that were so reasonably priced I couldn't help myself. 

13 March 2014

Eat Courgette, Maple and Walnut Cake Oh My

In the midst of waiting to take some photos of other things I've got to share (I need my natural light and also my beauty sleep so no night shoots for me). I am sharing my Courgette, Maple and Walnut Cake with you, really a Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days recipe with a few minor additions that add a big punch.

 It's not often I stick to a recipe, because I don't have all the ingredients/there's always something to throw in, but this Hummingbird Bakery recipe is a good un' if you do and the icing is so good like cream cheese icing but with yoghurt so it's really tangy. As I said I don't often stick to recipes in this once I switched half the amount of sugar for some maple syrup in the cake and added lemon curd as a filling which really went with the yoghurt icing. I urge you if you are to make this recipe swap half the sugar for some maple syrup, the nuttiness really compliments the cake and is a must.

11 March 2014

Eat Speckled Egg Sugar Cookies

Blimey! It's been a long time since I've posted and a lot has changed! I mean last time, my friend Louise and I were out exploring London and now she's a hot shot abroad (literally Dubai is hot) and I am no longer in London.

I won't go into great depths but I wasn't enjoying myself with my old job and it got to me which is why I stopped writing. There are so many reasons why I wasn't happy but the main thing to take away is I am back, with a new laptop that's not broken and happy with no moans or tears for my other half.

Despite not being here. I've continued making stuff and taking photos so I'm here to share actually one of last Easter's recipes (and photos - tell no-one!) for Lemon and Thyme Sugar Cookies with a speckled egg finish. You can tell it's from last year because I was obsessed, and still am, with this cake from thecakeblog and used the speckled finish idea on my cookies.