19 March 2014

Unsprung - Blackboard Decor

After having the best weekend ever, with seeing friends and family, and enjoying all the sunshine on offer, I can now confirm it's Spring. Which can only mean one thing, Summer's coming!

Now feeling thoroughly unsprung for spring and getting very excited for our holiday in 3 weeks with the family. I decided it was time for a change in decor to get us in the spirit of summer. As we are renting, it can be quite difficult to try and put our stamp on the place but we find ways to do it around drilling/painting/doing all the things you cannot do to a rental.

One of my favourite pieces is our blackboard. From Ikea it's meant to be nailed to the wall and had hooks underneath, but owing to our flat being a no nails zone I unscrewed them and the shelf underneath acts as a sturdy base for the blackboard to stand up on. At the minute it's sitting on our kitchen trolley in the kitchen bit of our kitchen/lounge/diner so when you walk in it's right on show, which makes it perfect platform for a bit of welcome home positivity.

I loved the one we had for the New Year but I decided to change it up for Spring to get us excited for all the good things coming up...did I mention we're going on 3 weeks. No, well it's true.

I've been loving the slogan messages on floral prints at the moment so I went with a happy quote to make us feel good about the busy days we've got coming up before we go away on a background of giant canal-boat roses.

I found these photos of us from my Christmas party when changing the blackboard. My favourite's grumpy old peter pan, what's yours?

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