8 April 2014

DIY Neon Jewel T-shirt

We're going on holiday tomorrow and I could not be more excited! This will be my first time going all inclusive at a hotel, normally we go for self-catering options and allocate a food budget so we can cook with the local ingredients available which is usually excellent. However, this time we're going on a real luxury holiday with friends and family to Egypt. 
Anyway I've been shopping for holiday clothes for the last couple of months to distract me from the winter blues. I wanted to get some neon resin jewels so I could customize a t-shirt but I couldn't find them anywhere! 

In the end I decided I was just going to have to make my own, and though I really wanted to make some resin jewels, we don't have a garden in our flat and the fumes can be quite toxic so at the minute that's out. So I decided to make some out of oven bake modelling clay. This material is really easy to work with and quick to make if you're a bit of an inpatient diyer. 

7 April 2014

Eat Chocolate Pretzel Nests

I've been itching to do some Easter themed baking for a while now but what with Mother's day and getting ready for going away on holiday (last day of work's tomorrow!) there's always been something else I should be doing considering I'm in Egypt for Easter. That the something else is shopping for bikinis is by the by. 
However, these bake-free beauties are super easy to make and really delicious owing to their salted pretzel meets gooey chocolate goodness. That Dan who 'just isn't a sweet person' (I think people that call themselves not sweet people are really secret eaters) has been taking them to work for lunch and having one at home with a cup of tea, then after tea speaks volumes. These salty sweety goods are worth spending a mere 45 mins time on (from melting to eating).