8 April 2014

DIY Neon Jewel T-shirt

We're going on holiday tomorrow and I could not be more excited! This will be my first time going all inclusive at a hotel, normally we go for self-catering options and allocate a food budget so we can cook with the local ingredients available which is usually excellent. However, this time we're going on a real luxury holiday with friends and family to Egypt. 
Anyway I've been shopping for holiday clothes for the last couple of months to distract me from the winter blues. I wanted to get some neon resin jewels so I could customize a t-shirt but I couldn't find them anywhere! 

In the end I decided I was just going to have to make my own, and though I really wanted to make some resin jewels, we don't have a garden in our flat and the fumes can be quite toxic so at the minute that's out. So I decided to make some out of oven bake modelling clay. This material is really easy to work with and quick to make if you're a bit of an inpatient diyer. 

DIY Neon Jewel T-shirt
Fimo Classic Oven Bake Clay
Thread in the same colour as the t-shirt
Equipment: rolling pin, needle, cling film, cutters

Step 1. Preheat the oven according to the instructions on the packet of your clay, I used Fimo Classic Oven Bake Clay in yellow. I actually lowered the temperature a bit to 90 degrees Celsius because I found that at 110 degrees the clay started having white spots on it.

 Step 2. Knead the clay and roll it into a ball in your hands, the clay will be quite stiff at first but should roll up after some kneading. Roll out the clay using the rolling pin by placing it between two layers of cling film to stop it picking up any dust till it's 5mm thick.
Step 3. I bought my mini cutters from Hobbycraft and used the rectangle and triangle cutters for this project. For this t-shirt I used 14 triangles and 15 rectangles to make my pattern. Using a needle I made two holes in each jewel at the top and bottom so that I could sew through them, it's a good idea to wiggle the needle about a bit so the holes are definitely wide enough for your needle to go through.
 Step 4. Place the jewels on a foil lined baking tray and bake in the oven for 20 minutes or according to the instructions. Leave the jewels to cool completely  before you touch them as when hot they can still be re-moulded.

Step 5. Using the thread the same colour as your t-shirt, double up the thread and tie a knot in the end and sew the jewels on according to the pattern you want. I think it's best to sew the top jewel in first and then sew the bottom one in. I went from inside the t-shirt through the top hole and then sewed over the top of the jewel. Don't feel like you have to sew all the jewels on in one sitting you can tie it off and come back to it whenever. However, once done you can now wear your new shirt with pride (see below).

 One thing to note, is that although this top and the jewels are machine washable I wouldn't recommend it because the jewels are quite thin and could snap in the machine. Instead I handwash mine in luke warm water.

I have more DIYs to share with these gems and will share them when I get back from holiday, including some Kate Spade Inspired Earrings.

 To Egypt!!

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