25 May 2014

DIY Blackboard Coffee Table

I've been meaning to post this DIY on here for ages (since before I went on holiday to Egypt, which was Sharmazing!) but so much has happened April quickly went and now it's almost the end of June. 
Before I share this super easy, and hours of endless fun and hangman DIY Blackboard Coffee Table, I feel it's only right to give an outline of why I have had no time to post it. Well, our holiday was amazing, we stayed in the Old Town in Sharm El Sheikh and this was my first all inclusive holiday. We snorkelled every day, highlights included turtles, lionfish and a huge grouper fish, I'm talking almost 2 metres! But the best part was definitely the day we hired a boat and went diving, which was when Dan's brother Tom proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years Sarah. It was incredibly romantic and it was just the perfect end to a lovely day. Having returned from our holiday, we had lots of family do's and have been busy preparing (going to the hen do and stag) for Dan's other brother Oli's wedding to Tally, his beautiful fiancée, which is now next Friday!! 

I wasn't lying when I said I had no time, so belatedly let me share this DIY with you. I've had a great time with this blackboard coffee table since coming home and you may have noticed the surface in some of my other DIYs. Although, as a warning your other half, friends or family may become frustrated with you drawing in chalk on this table if they have a tendency to put their feet up. 

As a last note about our holiday, although the people we met in Egypt were generally very friendly and really wanted to please us (not just those in the tourism industry), there is a revolution and you should be mindful of this if you choose to visit.