25 June 2014

Oh You Pretty Pins

I probably haven't mentioned but if you've seen my Pinterest side bar, and it's ever changing selection of latest pins, you'll know that I am a Pinterest addict. It started kind of slow but has just got out of control and I don't want to control it. I want to share it. Hence Oh Your Pretty Pins is born.

Long-term readers (of which I can name one very significant reader) will remember that this blog was not always called They Called It The Diamond Blog. This blog started life as Oh You Pretty Things mostly because me and my friend Louise are big David Bowie fans. However, I eventually thought I could be super clever and do one better in the Bowie-themed blog name by changing it to a take on the main line in his song and album 'Diamond Dogs', and it has stuck despite being told that it might make me look a bit arrogant. Believe me I am not entirely arrogant just a Bowie fan.

Back to the point I was trying to make, Oh You Pretty Things has returned! As pins!! That's right I'll be sharing my favourite pins on here weekly. With my job I'm not great at sticking to set blog times so you'll have to forgive me if it turns out more like Oh You Pretty Pins every other week.

This week (and many weeks before!) I have been pinning lots of tropical themed prints, pineapple inspired goods and all things hot weather related so to the pins below!

1. Dreaming of living behind this pink Colonial Spanish door. 
2. This pineapple cake and the fact Lyndsay made it for her Dad's 70th makes me smile!
3. I want this Kate Spade bracelet so bad, maybe because of the scene in Practical Magic maybe not.
4. Kate Spade is obviously big on my pinboards, but this clutch is just too tropical and topical (#worldcup) to leave out!
5. These cupcakes by Oh Joy are fruity and fun. Warning does not count as one of your five or eight a day.
6. Toucan anyone? I recently stumbled upon 6KS and have had to restrain myself from purchasing everything on their site. It's all too much.

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