29 June 2014

RHS Garden Wisley

Hasn't June flown past! All these things I've had coming up at work and home, which I thought were ages away back in the beginning of June have come upon us and I know that next month is going to be super busy but with a hell of a lot of fun thrown in (i.e., we're going to Love Supreme next weekend!!). One of the things that crept up upon us was my mum and her boyfriend coming to stay with us on Saturday night. 

It had slipped my mind that I was going to the races at Goodwood on Friday with work (which by the way was awesome and I won £55!) and had made plans Saturday to see my friends from home, and Dan was away for the weekend! So by the time I realised all of this I had to frantically tidy our flat Thursday night and pray Dan didn't make any mess while I was out, which of course he didn't, I am the messy one after all!

We spent Saturday night in a beer garden drinking cocktails where I tried to stop my mum taking cuttings from the succulents on the display next to us, eating a very late dinner at our place and watching a documentary on the BBC about Billy Joel's tour in Russia during the Cold War (my mum and I are the official Billy Joel Music Appreciation Fan Club) while my mum's boyfriend fell asleep on the sofa (he's more of a Fairport Convention lover). 

But on Sunday we went to The Royal Horticultural Society's Garden in Wisley, Surrey for free because they are ticket holders and I am their child regardless of age! If you've never been to the Garden in Wisley before I can give you two pieces of advice. One, be prepared to not see everything. The garden or more realistically gardens are massive, I took so many photos, strolled through loads of displays and I don't think we even saw a third of what there is to see, excluding the garden centre. Two, bring a large bottle of water. If the weather is nice, bring a lot of water as I've said there's a lot to explore and you'll be quite hot and tired (the good kind!) by the end, especially if you're going in the greenhouses (they are heat traps!), and although there is a food hall it's on one side of the gardens and I didn't see any stands in between.

Advice over. The gardens are beautiful and I've got some of my favourite shots to share with you to inspire you to visit Wisley or one of the RHS's other gardens, or maybe to just do a bit of gardening yourself (indoor plants count too!). The RHS also hold flower shows including the Chelsea Flower Show so there are some dedicated gardeners pruning the flowers at Wisley.

I'm a huge lover of poppies, the seedpods are just as interesting as the flowers, so it was lovely to see these beauties springing up all over the place.

Of course, we stopped by the food hall. Wisley is currently running Taste of Wisley where they are incorporating produce grown in the gardens into their dishes. Last weekend there were lots of herbs on offer, in fact Wisley has an entire garden dedicated to herbs something I very much appreciate. The utensil chandelier in the entrance to the food hall was definitely snap worthy as was the space itself which was decorated solely with plants and the produce on sale. I love the use of the plant pots to hold the cutlery on the cutlery station, this is something I do at home! Also what is pineapple mint, and where can I get some!!

This fountain and the view beyond are stunning. Foxgloves are still continuing to bloom as my love affair with them continues! Love the ombre stems worth. 

There are rows upon rows of roses in the rose garden and you can smell them before you walk round the corner. Heaven.

Aren't they a pair of cuties.

My mum and her boyfriend walked round with a notepad scratching down all of the plants they wanted for their garden so they could check if they were in stock in the Garden Centre on the way out. We're a very green-fingered family. I picked up some pots for free and two succulents, including the pretty purple number above, before going home and repotting all our plants in the afternoon. All in all a winning weekend.

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