2 July 2014

Oh You Pretty Pins

Glastonbury is over and we're now well into the festival line up this Summer. Personally, I'm super excited to go to Love Supreme this weekend. It's not that I'm a huge lover of Jazz, I'm just looking forward to getting out of the city and into the countryside, listening to new music and dancing the night away. Unfortunately it's also supposed to rain this weekend all weekend, but luckily Dan and I got free VIP day tickets so we won't have to truly camp in the mud (don't get me wrong, I love camping but walking to the loo at night, knees deep in mud is never fun!). 

Inspired by my festival trip, I've been pinning lots of survival pieces for your festival suitcase (or more aptly named giant rucksack). 

1. Can you get away with wellies as part of everyday wear? Because I want to with these.
2. I'm a huge fan of Garnier's Ultimate Blend Range for Mid-Long Hair and this dry-shampoo will keep your festival locks looking and smelling sweet with Madagascan vanilla and papaya.
3. This hairstyle is simple and I love the triangle arrangement of pins.
4. You're sure to stand out in the mosh pit with this peony and cameo print pac a mac
5. Festivals may be the one place taking a hip flask to is totally acceptable sometimes even required.
6. As it is going to rain this weekend bringing your own sunshine is a must.
7. Sick of struggling to find you tent after the headliner, this sheep tent might not help as it literally blends in to the grass but god is it good for the aesthetics. 
8. Keep cool and stay protected in the sun with this colour block fedora.

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