10 July 2014

Oh You Pretty Pins

Has anyone else gone Hampton Court Palace crazy? Maybe not yet if you live outside of the UK, but inside we (I'm speaking on behalf of all UK citizens here) have! 

On Monday, Dan and I decided to take the day off work to supposedly recover from camping at Love Supreme. Which, by the way, was awesome despite the bad weather something that is almost always part of any UK festival. I don't want to give too much away as I'll write it up soon, but Earth, Wind and Fire still know how to groove definitely my favourite act of the weekend, and I had the best BBQ meat of my life (sorry Dan's dad) if you are in the area El Gaucho or Gaucho BBQ are at Bristol Harbourside's Foodie Festival this weekend so go, eat and thank me later. However, we didn't camp at the festival because we could go home and I am a creature of comfort or a comfort monster whatever you prefer. 

So not camping, left us with a very open day ahead so we decided to go to Hampton Court Palace and explore the house and gardens. I'll share our visit and a great place to stop for lunch nearby shortly. What I didn't realise when we turned up was that we were a day early for the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show! One day! Granted Tuesday is for members only but still! Anyway owing to my disappointment at missing the flower show, I have been avidly watching it on the BBC and pinning many botanic beauties on pinterest.

And now I find I'm faced with a real problem having seen the hedgehog friendly garden and one of my adopted foxes just run past the window. Will I encourage foxes or hedgehogs into my garden? As Dan has said we can't do both without creating a death trap or buying several acres of land.

1. Need to grow my borage seeds from seed so I can use them in loads of recipes including these ice cubes by Maddocks Farm Organics (huge range of edible flowers and their blog has some amazing looking recipes).
2. This print by The Painted Arrow sums up what I feel most flowering spaces project or maybe it's just who I'm with in those spaces. Pinned via  P.S I Adore You which is a shop run by three mums where the proceeds go to children battling cancer. A very worthy cause.
3. Great for the summer and definitely a way to incorporate flowers into your life long after summer  ends.
4. Want to incorporate modern floral into your wedding, well look no further than this cake found on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings photographed by Binky Nixon. I wish I could go to this wedding 'carnival' but I'm not engaged so would any engaged ladies like to ask me along?
5. How many textures are in this bouquet found on Style Me Pretty. Stunning images by Manstrom Photography.
6. Lord, give me the patience to make my nails this pretty like Wondrously Polished.
7. I saw someone with this skirt waiting outside Camden station and have idolised it ever since plus it's in tall!
8. Aren't these pansy shortbreads by Stone Gable too pretty to eat, course they're not, nothing is! But these come close.


  1. wow, love those shortbreads, so pretty!

    1. That they are and so easy to make, we used to do sugared pansies all the time as kids but they probably didn't look as nice as Stone Gables!

  2. Are Earth Wind and Fire still performing?! Wow! Love a bit of September.

    Hampton Court Palace is one of my favourite places to visit. I think I've been there 4 times now? I feel like it's the most personal of all the royal palaces.

    Saskia /

    1. Performing isn't really the word, more like Earth, Wind and Fire are still outshining everyone! And not just because of their sequined disco shirts. They were amazing.

      I completely agree, it's also the most relaxed royal space. I can't see them letting you lounge around on the grass and having a picnic in Buckingham Palace but at Hampton Court it's encouraged.

      Thanks for checking out my blog, I really enjoy yours (your trip to Paris looked lovely).

  3. Aww, hedgehogs AND foxes? I can see how you would want to have both in your garden!

    Those shortbread cookies are so stunning! That Love is Spoken Here print is gorgeous too.


    1. I know but unfortunately they do NOT mix! Maybe when we get a house we can have foxes at the front, hedgehogs at the back? Who knows!

      They are lovely, can imagine how crumbly and delicious they'd be too! I love the painted poppy style, The Painted Arrow have some very pretty prints that's for sure.