27 July 2014

Oh You Pretty Pins

Two weeks ago, Dan and I went home to visit my mum for her birthday. I love going home, normally we'd just walk along the beach or the harbour, breakfast out and relax. And although we did all these things, we also went out for dinner with some of my mum and her boyfriend's friends, watched a seriously good country band from New Orleans, Truckstop Honeymoon, and their kids play (honestly I could never have played an instrument at their age, this is supported by me getting expelled from recorder club age 9), and went to my brother's best friend's homecoming party. It was really unusual because when we're at home we might do one of those additional things, but Saturday was just a blur of activity. 

Amongst this, while I was deciding on what film to watch in 3D on Saturday night (that's right after all that I wanted to watch a film) it was discovered that my mum's boyfriend and his son have never seen Jurassic Park. Which only happens to be my all time favourite film ever, and I won't hear a bad word about the sequels either! In trying to explain what it was (something I never thought I would have to do) I ended up singing along to Vikki Stone's Jurassic Park Love Song, and I think I might have got too carried away in my dinosaur impressions because no-one wanted to watch it after my performance. 

So since then, Jurassic Park deprived, I have been pinning many dinosaur-related goods with a few of my favourites shown below. And I seem to have quite a few new followers on Pinterest, which make me feel great because I no longer feel alone in my love for dinosaurs (sometimes Dinomania can be a very lonely disorder). 

1. Ice cream just doesn't taste as sweet knowing that it could be covered in neon dinosaur sprinkles or just sprinkles in general looking at the Bakers Confections Etsy shop.
2. As said previously I grow more plants in our flat than most people grow in their gardens. But if you're not naturally green fingered terrariums are a great easy project, and I love the idea of adding dinosaur props to one. Unfortunately this terrarium has sold out, but Urban Grow have some other designs here.
3. Sometimes I get it into my head that I want a giant T. Rex replica skull on the wall in our flat, strangely Dan has agreed to this happening when we move house. However, for now I'm in search of something a bit smaller and this gold T. Rex skull pendant sure is pretty.
4. I absolutely love Fred & Friends kitchen items and have tons but there's always room for one more!
5. Again sold out, but such a fun planter. As an alternative I am loving this lime green Euoplocephalus one from Crazy Couture.
6. These dinosaur lollipops would make great favours for any party but I can also see them as supreme cake toppers!


  1. What a great dinosaur themed list! My husband's name is Dan too, and his favourite film in the entire world is Jurassic Park. He can recite the entire script along with the film. I'm about to show him this blog post - he is going to be so happy!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    1. You are a lucky lady to have such a dinosaur loving husband. My Dan is not as dinosaur loving, although he did surprise me with agreeing to my T. Rex skull replica idea and saying he'd come see Jurassic Park 4 with me at the iMax next year!

  2. This is ace - I LOVE dinosaurs - paleontologist is my dream alternative career (it's a pretty big leap from publishing so emphasis on 'dream').

    1. I know, I'm slightly sad I didn't follow the palaeontology route myself. That being said there's always time to change careers at any point (e.g., I am a biochemist but I used to work in publishing!).