20 August 2014

DIY Pineapple Cross Stitch Racerback T-shirt

I have been so excited about sharing this DIY with you. I won't lie, it's taken about 3-4 weeks of drawing out the pattern in the evening, sewing on the design and then finding the right time to pounce on Dan to take some photos of me in it (if you want to know this was during half time on Soccer Saturday) to bring this DIY to you. But it was 100% worth it!

Since seeing this pineapple t-shirt over on The Working Girl earlier this year, I've been needing a statement pineapple t-shirt in my life. And after shopping around, I just haven't been able to find one that I like, or I have and it's been out of my pineapple budget. But then I saw this pin, which I may have accidentally pinned onto my Cakes Galore board, and got so excited about cross stitching a pineapple that my other cross stitch project was demoted as I tried to copy the cross stitch and make my own pineapple pattern.

Can you tell I'm really proud of myself and this DIY? Does my pride sicken you a little? It kind of sickens me but I also don't really care because I made my dream pineapple t-shirt! And so can you!

You might be thinking this girl is just too crazy about pineapples, and I'd like to tell you you're wrong. But then I painted my nails with pineapples so I can't.

I drew this pineapple pattern straight onto the t-shirt but have made a pattern for future use as it is a lot easier copying it onto tracing paper than drawing it onto the t-shirt. Feel free to use my pattern to make your own pineapple cross stitch T-shirts or other creations. Options include, pineapple curtains, pineapple cushions, pineapple dresses, pineapple pineapples?! If you do use the pattern I'd appreciate it if you could link it back to me and send me an email/insta/tweet so I can check it out, but onwards to the DIY!
Pineapple Cross Stitch Racerback T-Shirt

Racerback T-shirt
Gold thread
Embroidery needle
Pineapple pattern
Tracing paper
Sewing pins
Piece of cardboard as your shirt

Step 1. Print the pineapple pattern to the size you want and tape to the cardboard, then using the pencil trace the pattern onto the tracing paper.

Step 2. Once you've got your tracing paper pattern, pin it to the front of the t-shirt. Double or triple thread the gold thread through the needle, I used double thread and am happy with how it appears although if you want it to be more prominent you may need to triple thread it. Cross-stitch over the pattern, if you don't know how to cross stitch you can just criss cross sew over it OR take this as an opportunity to learn a new skill (I found this video tutorial to be really instructive!). 

Step 3. As Paul Hollywood said tonight on Great British Bake Off, 'Be patient'. I separated this out into 4 (it was a lot more than 4) sewing sessions to prevent too much sloppy stitching and bunching of the thread in my rushing to complete the task.

Step 4. Once you've finished sewing and the end is in sight, carefully tear off the tracing paper and remove the pins. The stitching on this t-shirt is delicate but it can be machine washed with care, my advice would be to wash it on the hand wash setting putting the t-shirt in a white pillowcase to prevent the strings catching on anything in the machine drum.

Step 5. Plan your pineapple outfit. Whether it be shorts and a trilby like me. Blazer and trousers. 

If you make this t-shirt or use the pattern, I'd love to see how you styled it via Instagram, Twitter or email!


  1. This is too cute! I love the subtle pineapple- much better than one you could find in a store!

  2. Wow, what a great pineapple themed outfit! I love pineapples - sometimes I eat them in winter to make it feel more summery! I'd love to try cross-stitching on a t-shirt/tank top. There are so many designs that would look great!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    1. Thanks Candy. I am probably going to end up reusing this pattern over and over again I love it so much! I wish all year was Summer so whole heartedly embrace your Winter pineapple eating.

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