2 September 2014

Oh You Pretty Pins

A Summer Ode
Alas poor (Mr) Whippy
I knew him well

It's officially September. I'm heartbroken Summer nights are dying on us into dark Autumn days. Don't get me wrong there are lots of things to look forward to, for example, I am very excited to visit Dan's aunt and uncle in the Isle of Skye in a few weeks, get back into baking, roasting and making lots of chicken mole to keep warm, and, of course, there's Halloween. But I just want a little bit more Summer, hence the pins of playsuits, tropical prints (incuding these fab nails from Wondrously Polished) and ice cream, lots and lots of ice cream. It has been said that I am a warm house plant, mostly by myself, so a tiny smidgen more hot weather that I could enjoy a lolly in while wearing a tropical playsuit would be lovely!

Work has been a bit hectic recently but I'm trying to get myself organised before we go away. And there's so much to organise!! Packing for our trip to the Isle of Skye on a sleeper train (I cannot wait to go over the bridge the Hogwarts Express does!), booking the flights for our university girl's reunion in Hamburg, and sorting train tickets to visit my friends and their baby girl (named after me...yes I AM causally dropping that in, I'm responsible. Baby responsible). Lots of travelling coming up. 

So in order to focus my organisation skills I thought what better way to do so than pulling together a selection of my top ice cream pins.

1. Helen over on The Crazy Kitchen has come up with an excellent suggestion for how to have a Mr Whippy ice cream in the colder months. Make it into a cupcake.
2. I want these honeycomb ice cream decorations from Peach Blossom on Not on the High Street to be at every party I ever have.
3. I agree whole heartedly with this print by the Old English Company on Not on the High Street.
4. Style Me Pretty Living's entire ice cream party had me at this banana split cake.
5. If you're more of a lolly person then Style Sweet CA's popsicle cake is for you.
6. Sweet on these gumdrop ice cream cake toppers from Oh Happy Day!
7. Studio DIY is my fave and so is this iron on ice cream elbow patch DIY.
8. I obviously think about baking way too much, or I need to have this ice cream cookie cutter from BKDLondon on Etsy.


  1. Ugh, I'm trying to eat healthy and here you are, tempting me! Ice cream is definitely my achilles heel. Personally, I eat it all year around, no matter the weather :)


    1. Me too! I can never decide if coconut or mint choc chip ice cream is my favourite flavour, it really depends on what day you ask me. I'm going to try to give up all dairy for a month when I get back from our holiday and I am not looking forward to it. I may have to try and make a dairy free ice cream.