11 September 2014

Street Feast Dalston Yard

With three weeks till Street Feast Dalston Yard in Shoreditch closes for the Summer, it's about time that I share our night out  for Dan's birthday at this food market with you. If you have not been to a night food market in London before you might think I'm confused saying we went on a night out there. However, night food markets have exploded onto the London food scene and Street Feast at Dalston Yard has a great array of traders. 

Held in an abandoned car park every Friday and Saturday from the middle of May to the weekend of the 26-27th September, Dalston Yard comes alive with the hustle and bustle of London's young professionals at the end of the working week eating, drinking and dancing the weekend away together. Despite being a large open space they've used the stalls and long (Harry Potter-esque) dining tables to break it up into smaller themed areas, and as the sun goes down, with drum bonfires, music and fairy lights, the food festival comes alive!  

There are so many amazing traders at Dalston Yard, you have fixed traders like Bob's lobster and Pizza Pilgrims who are there every week, and then there are several stall holders that change weekly such as Smokestak and Yum Bun (best steamed buns around!). With so many different types of food (and drink!) available I advise you to just go with the flow factoring in a visit to Yum Bun, if they're there, and grabbing a couple of festival-sized cocktails. Soak in the atmosphere and maybe get pulled into a few chilli tequila shots (thanks Dani and Clarky).

If it was just me I could have happily eaten nothing but bao or hirata buns or Chinese steamed buns, however, then this post wouldn't be about Street Feast and would just be about my addiction to bao. Yum Bun offered an interesting selection of bun fillings, we opted for the classic pork, spring onions, cucumber and hoisin option. 

The buns were soft and fluffy..and sweet..and delicious..and now you can see why I'm addicted to them. The pork was juicy and tender, drizzled with hoisin, and the sharp crunch from the cucumber and spring onions kept it light and refreshing. Yum Bun are nailing the bao trend and at a reasonable price too!

The boys loved Rola Wala's topped naans with bbq coriander chicken and goan-style pulled pork, served with yoghurt, fresh coriander and pickled red onion. They loved the spiciness and full flavour from the dish. Personally I thought the pork was too heavily spiced, the flavour was overwhelming. However, the chicken was nice and tasty, and very succulent.

Take a break from eating to check out the Cocktail Shed for a Kamm and Sons on ice and a boogie to Journey. 

Other traders to check out are Randy's Wing Bar for it's buffalo wings with smoky cheese sauce for some seriously saucy chicken, and Yum Jungle's Thai fried chicken pieces with mango, mint and chilli chutney for spicy Thai pieces of delight. 

What to say about Bob's Lobster?

Well for a start it's the best damn lobster I've had in town. Second to that, look at the layout, it was incredible! Buoys were hanging on the ceiling, lobster pots built up a wall between Bob's Lobster and Smokestak, and and fishing nets hung between the metal rafters. Plus did I mention they have a Prosecco bar?

Do you see the foam finger on the back wall in the photo above? That now lives in my house. 


The reason why Bob's lobster is so great is because it tastes so simple but having caught up with one of the chefs behind the scenes I can tell you a lot of love goes into their lobster. First there is their home made lobster butter made from the lobster shells, then you have the sweet cooked lobster claws and flesh meat, topped with the lobster roe, fresh oregano, celery salt and paprika which all comes together to be served on a brioche bun smeared with English and Dijon mustard! It tastes beautiful and I probably ate most of the bun that we shared (sorry guys!). 

There are lots of reasons to go to Street Feast Dalston Yard, a few of which I've covered here. So go, take some friends and find out the other reasons for yourself. Overall it was a great night, I just wish it was there all year round. I need Street Feast with mulled wine!


  1. I am so addicted to bao as well! We have an amazing food truck here that serves it. My favorite has pork belly on top, which is so fatty and delicious. I've actually never had a lobster roll, which really makes me sad :(


    1. I can't believe you've never had a lobster roll and you live on the coast. This must be corrected!! Pork belly is the ultimate sin but it tastes so good!

  2. That lobster roll looks so rich! I'll see if I can pop down to Street Feast before it closes, it looks amazing!

    Saskia /

    1. Definitely get down there, although if you do miss it there's always Hawker House which opens slightly later in the year!!

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