10 December 2014

Oh you season's givings for foodies

Has anyone else thought December's been pretty sneaky this year? There I was working hard in October, planning all these things to do when the Merry Month was upon us. And before you know it you're Christmas party's happened, mine was at the end of November, you've had weekend after weekend of Christmas meet ups, and the goose is cooking in the oven!

Ok, there is no goose in the oven but everything else is true! My Christmas spirit is feeling a bit rushed this year, and judging by everyone else around me I don't think I'm alone! So if you're like me and running out of time to buy Christmas presents because you're:

- sharing Season's Greetings with as many loved one's as possible before the big day; 
- too busy belting out Good King Wenceslas in your local carol service;
- watching reruns of The Muppets Christmas Carol (Muppets meets Michael Caine meets Dickens);

I can help you. That's right I have not forgotten about Oh You Pretty Pins, it's just been a little while since my last one. In fact that's really an understatement as in my last Oh You Pretty Pins I was calling for an Indian Summer! However, Oh You Pretty Pins is back, seasonal style! So in the run up to Christmas I will be sharing a couple of gift ideas so you can focus on the important things at Christmas. That's right, Muppet Movie reruns. 

Foodie gifts who are they for? The short answer is everyone. And the long answer is everyone who loves food. And these are chosen by a food gift expert! I'm fine with calling myself a food expert, I've eaten a lot in my time and that makes me qualified. And if anyone want's to get me a Christmas or a birthday foodie gift* I'm fine with that too.

*The curse of being a December baby is it's too much to hope for two presents.

1. I was given these oyster mushrooms from the Espresso Mushroom Company last Christmas. Tasty fun and not too expensive. Watch this time lapse video of them growing, they're incredible!
2. Cheese lover or not, everyone enjoys halloumi particularly if it's in a burger bun. And now you can make your own available from the Big Cheese Making Kit.
3. Oolong tea and Elderflower is an intriguing combination, add it to Absolut Vodka and you've got a Christmas cocktail just short of a mixer.
4. Ottolenghi stole my heart at his restaurant in Islington 3 years ago and has kept it since. I'm asking Santa for Plenty More this year to continue my love affair with Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine. Check out his hampers too, I can vouch that they are a dream! 
5. I am well versed in Persian food, I haven't cooked any for a long time but I'd like Sabrina Ghayour's cookbook to be my guide back.
6.When I asked what my boyfriend wanted for Christmas he said 'to ride a tractor round a farm and get a box full of meat at the end', I'd prefer to skip the tractor and head to The Ginger Pig for a butchery class with a box of meat to take home and a two course dinner instead. 
7. Buy these Goat's Cheese and Black Pepper Popcorn from Joe & Sephs at Selfridges. Put them in a bowl. Put your face in the bowl.
8. These mystical spices from the Alchemical Larder at Selfridges would make any cook feel like Hogwart's potions master.
9. I'm a meringue lover, in fact, I'm a Meringue Girls meringue lover (see post here). Spot the sense in that one. Their class is on my fantasy Christmas list for sure.
10. And what do all foodies need while waiting for dishes to be done? A cup of tea of course! I have my eye on these caffeine free Rose and Elderflower Pyramids from Selfridges.

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