24 June 2015

If you go down to the tube today...

"If you go down to the tube today
You're sure of a big surprise
If you go down to the tube today
You better go in a VELOCIRAPTOR!"
                                                Felicity aged 24

"I can't believe people are still taking selfies with these dinosaurs.
It's so passé"
                                                                                                          Random girls that walked past judging me

It happened. I finally got to see Jurassic Park 4, aka Jurassic World, aka the film of my decade (as previously discussed here, while Dan and I hunted for dinosaur footprints) and dare I say century? I can totally say that, because JP came out in 1993, and that century is long gone. I'm not going to spoil anything but you know if you've seen JP 1, 2 and 3, you already know that the dinosaurs get out and Jeff Goldblum's chaos theory comes up trumps. I'd been holding out to see Jurassic World at the IMAX, but unfortunately we just couldn't get tickets so Dan surprised me, really surprised me, by telling me he'd booked seats at our local cinema, twenty minutes before the performance began at 10.30am. It was the quickest clothes change in my life.

Anyway I was blown away by Jurassic World, I'm not ashamed to say I had a tear in my eye when the park doors opened. This wasn't just the film my generation had been waiting for, I have been following the development of Jurassic World intently for the last 14 years. What Steven Spielberg was saying at Comic Con, the script that was released about velociraptors being merged with humans, I've followed, analysed and interpreted it all. 

Despite all this, when Dan told me I had to go to London Waterloo station to see their Jurassic Park adverts in the commuters entrance to the underground (he works in out of home advertising and gets stupidly excited about billboards), I was like...go to London see a billboard? Why would I do that. And to be fair, I didn't do that, I went to go see Frankie, Sophie and Gianni at Brooklyn Bowl, but when I got off the train I was so excited. 

It helps that Waterloo station has a glass ceiling so when you look up and see all these Jurassic World banners you're (at least I'm) instantly thinking 'woahhh I've just entered the Jurassic World pyramid'. It's so cool, everything's glossy and branded, and it's made so super excited to see the film again but also put life into the idea that Jurassic World could happen. Something I've been dreaming of since I first saw JP, I mean I know everything could go wrong and we could all die but wouldn't it be amazing just for a second to see a real life dinosaur before it ate you?

Of course I went down and saw my old friends, the commuter stairs, where they've wallpapered the corridor with dinosaurs, speakers are playing the sounds of apatosaurus' calling out to one another and, the best part, on the digital boards there are signs telling you not to feed the dinosaurs. Unfortunately I only saw this sign after I'd smeared peanut butter jelly sandwiches all over the velociraptor mouths. The three-year-old child in me that watched Jurassic Park in the cinema in the Falklands six times and then told everyone in the cinema when the T-rex was going to eat the guy in the waterfall was out of control. By this stage, I was running round the station care free, I could have face planted, and then I saw it...

The Box.

A normal looking box with InGen printed on the side was planted in London Waterloo before the film was released, but once it had premiered the raptors broke loose! I should say this is when the judgey girls walked passed, and it made me think for half a second that I'm really sad. And then it made me think I don't care, as Dan came and met me after dinner with the ladies. We snapped some photos of us running away from the raptors, then suddenly I realised we were other dinosaur selfie lovers so we ran fleeing for our lives from the passé to the train home.

And that's how I wrote a whole post about #JurassicWaterloo.

If you've judged me and found me wanting, why not unfollow me on bloglovin here. Alternatively let's dino-talk (like pillow talk but less sexy more thrilling), my fave is probably the velociraptor although it's quite mainstream. Did anyone else love Jurassic World as much as me?

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