3 July 2015

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Caramel Millionaires Shortbread on Elle Bloggs

Me and chocolate are a funny old pair. Most of the time, I go for the line I'm not 'really' a chocolate fan. What that really means is I normally don't eat chocolate. But then occasionally I go a bit mad on it, and eat a whole bar, plus a tub of chocolate ice cream, fancy box chocolates, a stream of hot chocolate, and then for good measure I'll chuck it in my mole sauce or Bolognese.

It also doesn't help that when I cook with chocolate one of two things will happen. Either it'll be the-best-thing-I've-ever-made like the time I made these chocolate leaves or it'll be like when I made chocolate fudge and told no-one, not even my live in man friend, Dan, it was that horrific. The shocking confessions of a food blogger, I make bad things sometimes. This super rich and majorly extravagant Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Caramel Millionaires Shortbread fell into the former category despite this being my first time making millionaires shortbread.

Yeah that's right, I beat all the odds and made some delicious rich and fruity millionaires shortbread with, dare I say, a buttery biscuit base. And the odds were seriously stacked against me because:
- It was my first time;
- I experimented;
- Lauren from Elle Bloggs asked me to.
This is starting to sound like the premise for a 'bad' nineties teen movie. I'm played by Alicia Silverstone of course (FYI Clueless is possibly my second fave film after JP but it's a close call). I'd say no virginity was lost in the making of this shortbread but that would be a lie, because not only did I make millionaires for the first time but I was making it for my first ever guest post.
That's right guys, guest post virgin I am not. Lauren from, did I not mention, Elle Bloggs is away in Mexico right now. I hate jealousy but God if I was green (with envy, I'm already pretty green 'hello 27 house plants) it would be with her. So this is really just a teaser post to ask you guys to check out the recipe over on Elle Bloggs. Did I mention it has raspberries in? Lots of them. A whole punnet full. And they're pretty, no?
Do you guys have any love/hate relationships with food? Personally apart from dark chocolate, I also love/hate caffeine as in I love it but it hates me (migraines). P.s I'm at Wimbledon, say whaaat?

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