10 July 2015

Sugary Goodness from Crosstown Doughnuts

When sitting down to write up about Crosstown Doughnuts, a cool doughnut (or donut to my American friends) shop off Oxford Street in Soho (hipster city), my number one thought was how many doughnut photos can I fit into one post and it still be acceptable. The problem is that Crosstown Doughnuts have so many great doughey creations which ones should I feature.

Do I choose to focus on the orange blossom, cardamom crumble and date jam ring doughnut which is light, fragrant and delicious. Or the seasonal rhubarb and raspberry meringue doughnut, which is tart and sharp and oh so wonderful. Or is it the big bun, the salted caramel, chocolate, banana-filled doughnut which is just supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? And now you see my predicament, and I've only named three of Crosstown's treats on offer. Which might explain why I walked out the shop with a box of 6...and 1 in a bag to go. 

Before you bitterly judge me, I did share these with my main man (I have several) Dan, or at least I really wanted to share them. Ok fine, you've rattled me, I confess I didn't want to share them at all! The spirit of sharing was not with me that day, however, the spirit of eating is always here so I'll fill you in on all the flavours I myself. 

As always I did have my partners in foodporn along, Alex and Janet, who I'd invited to mostly make up for the disaster of the time me and Janet visited Maitre Choux which you can read about here (SPOILER ALERT: beautiful eclairs, terrible timing). So after a bit of retail therapy, I bought cushion covers, we headed over to join the queue of doughnut fans outside of Crosstown which albeit is not as long as the queue to get into Wimbledon's tennis grounds (yay Wimbledon!) but is still quite long. Can I just say, all these posts about you know in your twenties when, well I know I'm in my twenties when I go out to buy cushion covers, I'm practically over the hill. Although if anyone has any recommendations for where to buy nice 50 x 50 cushion covers let me know, I like bright colours and geometric prints thanks!

The queue moved on, Janet got the smallest cup of small coffee I've ever seen (small means tiny at Crosstown), and we all got some awesome, jaw droppingly delicious doughnuts. In my box of six I had: orange blossom; raspberry and rhubarb meringue, salted caramel, chocolate and banana cream, passion fruit and chocolate, peanut butter jelly and matcha green tea. And of course I had a seven berry one on the side. Yeah that's right seven berries go into this glazed doughnut; strawberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, redcurrant and elderberry. Heaven! Alex and Janet went for one a piece,  matcha, and salted caramel, chocolate and banana, respectively. 

We did as all yuppies do and took our doughnuts to Soho Square to sit, talk shop (Crosstown doughnuts being the shop) and stuff our faces in the sun. Janet's salted caramel, chocolate, banana cream doughnut was hands down the fave, there's something about filled doughnuts which is so much more rewarding than a ring one, which can probably be attributed to the copious amount of creamy deliciousness inside. Whereas Alex and I had opted for ring doughnuts. I liked my seven berry one, it was, as you'd expect, fruity but it wasn't too sweet and you could actually taste real fruit in the glaze. However, after seeing Janet's doughnut Alex was disappointed with her matcha treat. I mean it was still alright, all of Crosstown's bases are sourdough so you can't go wrong there but it just wasn't very special, the matcha didn't really come through in the glaze. You might have tasted it more if it was in the actual dough, but it wasn't, so yeah not really a fan.

Aside from the matcha doughnut, all the others I took home were amazing, none were too sweet, and the flavours were exciting and well balanced. I'll be popping back in soon, because it's only right to try their seasonal favourite. I'm looking at you Summer Fruit Crumble, you're peachy filling needs to be tried and tested by They Called It The Diamond Blog. And you see, this is what happens when faced with doughnuts, I go into a weird place where I start talking about myself in third person and blog name, which can only be overcome by eating more doughnuts. To which I ask, is it acceptable to eat doughnuts for breakfast?

But the real question is do I ask Dan to proof read this  post and risk his wrath at finding out I bought and ate a box of doughnuts all to myself, or do I not. It's a rhetorical question really. This post is good enough to go on it's own.

If you spot any grammatical errors in this post as I'm hiding this from Dan, please drop me a comment below. In addition, has anyone else been to Crosstown doughnuts, if so what was your favourite flavour? If I had to choose mine would probably be the salted caramel, chocolate and banana cream one, but only just. Let me know if you have any other doughnut recommendations, wacky flavours welcome!


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