9 December 2015

Christmas Time, Mistletoe & Mulled Wine Recipe

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine
Children singing Christian rhyme
With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree
A time to rejoice in the good that we see
Mistletoe and Wine, Cliff Richard
Got to love a bit of Cliff's Christmas Song. It's Christmas! Almost, sort of, not really. I mean it's actually my birthday beforehand but you know when you turn 21 for the umpteenth time it's not as exciting as the first time. Anyway I'm excited for Christmas it is providing a welcome escape from the fact that I will officially no longer be in my early twenties next week. Ohhhhhhhh I hate getting older, I mean I'm excited for brunch with all my friends (including you dear reader) but Lord no I don't like it. The only way I'm going to get by is with copious amounts of bucks fizz and mulled wine, maybe chuck in some gin as well just for good measure.

Speaking of mulled wine, I've got this super easy, guaranteed idiot proof recipe for mulled vino to share with you. I can't guarantee it's easier than opening a bottle of mulled wine and heating it up in the microwave (genuinely you can buy it premulled and it's not always terrible) or sticking a teabag of spice in it, but it definitely is (in my humble opinion) more delicious.

Even red wine haters like mulled wine. It's basically hot sangria, sort of, not really, but it is. I've already started on the mulled wine and, I'm not going to lie, I don't see myself stopping drinking it any time soon. In fact, I'm going to grab myself a mug full tonight. Speaking of mugs aren't these glass ones cute? I'm in love plus, I'll let you into a little secret, they cost me £1.50. This is the main reason why I'm extra in love with them, I love a homeware bargain. I saw some gorgeous mugs at Zara Home (finding out Zara did homeware was a dream come true!). But I thought these budget mugs from my local supermarket no less were significantly cheaper and also don't have to go away when the Christmas season finishes. My boyfriend Dan is very particular about when Christmas stuff has to go away, I on the other hand I'd prefer to leave it up till Valentines Day rolls around but hey I don't take down my birthday cards till then anyway! For someone who hates getting older I sure like to drag my birthday out.

Anyway less rambling more recipe sharing so we can all get Christmassy. Speaking of Christmas, if you really want to get into the Christmas Spirit you can always add a shot of sloe gin or sherry into the glass of mulled wine at the end, when you need a bit of extra cheer.

Mulled Wine Recipe
(serves 2)
Half a bottle of red wine
4 heaped tbsps soft brown sugar
Orange peel (about a quarter of an oranges worth)
1 cinnamon stick
5 allspice berries
5 cloves
1 bayleaf
5 gratings of nutmeg
2 orange slices
Step 1. Put the wine, spices, sugar and orange peel into a saucepan and heat on a low heat for 15 minutes until the sugar has dissolved. Strain the wine through a sieve to remove the spices and serve with a slice of orange.
Step 2. Guzzle away! 

If you can't tell I'm super excited for Christmas. I've been singing Christmas songs non-stop and watching all the movies. We're actually going to see The Muppets Christmas Carol sing along version at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square this weekend for my friend's birthday (all the best people are born in December), which is only my all time number one Christmas film! Dan is panicking a little because he doesn't know any of the words, so he's said we're going to have to have a sing along run through at home this week so he isn't the only one not singing in the cinema. Such a muppet (...see what I did there). Do you have a favourite Christmas film? I'm still yet to see Home Alone 2, so my plan tonight is to right that wrong. Also I need some help! So I've booked a fancy brunch for my birthday the weekend after next and everyone is asking me what we're doing afterwards...I kinda thought everyone would be busy so close to Christmas so I'm super happy they want to do something but now I've got to find something to do. Any suggestions?

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