15 December 2015

That's a Wrap! With a Little Help From Lindt

It's Christmaaaaaaassssssssssss!
Merry Christmas Everybody, Slade

I don't want to alarm anyone but there are only 10 sleeps till Christmas. Everyone to your Christmas panic stations! Speaking of panic, I need some help. Particularly from anyone that has also had to buy presents for one of my brothers, I'd really appreciate that because when I ask my brothers what they want for Christmas the answer is always a pony (cute if you're 10 but they're fully grown men). 

Aside from buying my bros' presents, I've got it all sorted. Seriously I'm never normally this organised, I'm a leave it till the last possible second, then do it slightly late kind of lady. But I've had so much going on this December, I've had to plan ahead (who knew doing things early meant less stress?). Last Saturday my plans fell through which in a way was a bit of a blessing because it meant I actually got to sit down watch lots of Christmas movies (why is Love Actually and the Holiday not on Netflix/Amazon Prime/Sky Movies?!), make some mince pies and do some much needed Christmas wrapping. 

To make my day in extra Christmassy, the lovely Mai at Lindt sent me a big box full of the best chocolatey goodies we're talking bears, santas, bears, some cheeky elves, bears, reindeer and did I mention a heck load of bears. Honestly when I got the box I was like what am I going to do with all these bears, after eating half of them, I had an epiphany. Use the bears (and a couple of cheeky santas) as my present accessories, because it's all well and good giving a normal wrapped present, but at Christmas you kinda need to push the boat out and put an accessory on it. That means bows, candy canes, poster paint, glitter (my all important Christmas accessory, look at my new boots!!!) and chocolate bears (who doesn't love chocolate? In fact don't tell me, I don't want to know). Don't hold back, free flow your accessorising, hell put some prajazzles on there (aka present vajazzles).

First of all how cute is that panda! It's a gift for my 6-month-old (when did that happen!!) niece, I can't wait to give it to her. She's getting to that age when she is starting to recognise people, so we've been making an effort to go see her, and her mum and dad, as often as possible. I can't wait to see her face when she see's the bear, the candy cane is for mum.

I like to use simple plain wrapping paper and bags when wrapping gifts so I can go wild in decorating them. With silver paint I'll draw stripes and dots, or write a message on the present then cover it in glitter because everyone loves glitter (except Dan...sometimes I wonder why we're together). I decided to forgo tags this year and just write on the gifts in silver pen (because presents have themes ok!). And finish them with red and maroon ribbon, tying a little treat from Lindt or a candy cane up in a bow. Although a traditionalist in colours, I'm a rebel at heart so of course I have to mix up the ribbons, tie the present in red ribbon finish with a maroon bow then dust it all in glitter. While you're at it, go crazy and dip the whole present in glitter, then the bears...ok maybe not the bears (refrain yourselves if you can readers). 

Just looking at these photos are making me super excited for Christmas. At the weekend, we went out for my friend Louie's birthday (seen here, here and here looking cracking) for dinner and to see The Muppet Christmas Carol sing along at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square. Oh My God, the sing along was so much fun! I've only said a bazillion times on here that The Muppet Christmas Carol is my fave Christmas movie of all time, and this just set the mood. If you're feeling like a bit of a scrooge and need to get some Christmas spirit, go, grab a mulled wine from the bar, enjoy Santa's stand up antics before the film starts and belt out your best Muppet voice singing along non stop. This is not your normal cinema visit, this is a loud but proud sing along where you can show your love for Gonzo unashamedly. Go dressed up with your friends and get your song on, and thank me for the recommendation later.

This weekend is only going to be even more festive, seeing our niece on the Friday at her mum's birthday party, then getting my birthday brunch on Saturday (I'm turning old!!!!!!) with some Christmas marketing, plenty of mulled wine and Star Wars viewing later in the day, and Friendmas Dinner and Christmas carols by candlelight at my friend's Church on Sunday. Bring on the weekend!! For now I'm going to have to make do with lounging underneath our Christmas tree, lighting pine scented candles and eating the remaining Lindt bears...

 I honestly think adding something sweet to your gift wrapping is a great way to get yourself on to everyone's good books in the New Year. You know a present is great, but a present with something a little extra special and chocolatey is even better. And why stop at the outside, I've actually filled a couple of presents with Lindt bears just to guarantee my friends know I this chocolate black mail? 

Lindt also generously sent me a couple of bigger Lindt goods, which have become instant ready wrapped presents for my cousins. The Santas have unfortunately been eaten. But I'm saving the reindeer to be my Christmas cake topper. I'm thinking about spraying it gold...too extravagant? Now I just have to find homes for the other million bears Lindt sent me (not that I'm not grateful!), any takers?

Maybe my brother would like a Lindt bear for Christmas?  

So are you ready for Christmas? I met up with Sophie from Sophie Loves Food (check out her chocolate gingerbread forest topped with some adorable Lindt elves) yesterday (and Persephone and Mike) for burgers and engagement chat (Persephone got engaged and has the prettiest ruby ring in the world) yesterday and she's not found her Christmas spirit yet. Whereas I probably have a little too much or at least for my office anyway. What are your plans for the last weekend before Christmas? I'm so excited for my birthday, I mean I'm still pretending I'm 21 again but you know if I buy myself enough pairs of shoes it's fine I can get another year older. I've probably given the game up about whose fdbloggers secret santa I am by posting this, but I thought everyone should accessorise their Christmas pressies this year/I should get more chocolate. 

Thanks to Mai who works for Lindt and the chocolate gurus themselves (Lindt, that's you!) for sending me a box of the finest dark chocolate around and for helping me get into the festive spirit. All opinions are from yours truly!

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