1 February 2016

Getting my Swiss on at Truc Vert's Raclette Night

I don't think it's a secret that I love cheese. 
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You know some people say they love cheese but then there are people that are in love with cheese. I fall firmly into the latter category. It's in my blood, with my Swiss heritage and all. And then this is when it gets weird. Despite being Swiss and loving cheese, I have never had Raclette. I've felt ashamed about it for ages, but my family are all firm fondue fans so it never gets a look in at home. My mum said she had a Raclette gizmo once, but if it ever existed it lies sadly forgotten in a house where dipping into cheese is central to our well-being. When I asked my Grandmere about Raclette once, she said she didn't like it so if I wanted to try it I'd have to go elsewhere, wagwan this is a fondue house gurl (ok she left off the gurl but you get the jist). So when the lovely people behind Truc Vert (aka Frankie, Russell and Louise) asked me if I'd like to come and try out their Raclette Wednesday Night (now also held on Saturdays!) I was intrigued. Then when they said Sophie, Gianni and a bottle of wine were coming I was more than willing to cast my fellow Swiss fam's feelings aside and open myself up to this cheesy event. 

First off, I'd been invited to Truc Vert a while before, where me and a table of ladies and gents sampled their tasting menu (read about it here, it was absolutely delicious), so I already knew it was going to be good, but I couldn't contain my excitement about the spread that was placed before us. To give you an idea, all that food was there to feed four of us and there was tons. If it wasn't for my carefully concealed cheese stomach, I'm not sure we would have finished it.

It took me a while to get my head round the whole 'scrape' cheese onto potatoes/meat/pickles (FYI best pickled onions in the business) but once I'd got into that mindset there was no stopping me. No food was safe from a slice of melted cheese on top, even my wine got a little cheese hat in the scraping process, when I was being a bit too enthusiastic with the scraper. As wine and cheese is a killer combo it wasn't an issue. I mean I'm not going to say I'm going to swap our New Year Fondue for Raclette (my Grandma would kill me), but for £15 per person I'll be getting myself down to Truc Vert to get my cheesy fix. I mean £15 per person and all that food for 4 is crazy. Plus big up the cheese but also Truc Vert has some of the best bread. Their walnut bread is soooo good. Now I want bread and butter.

I need to stop blogging about food it just makes me so hungry. Especially when it comes to restaurants. At least when it's my own recipes, I generally have some of whatever it is to snack on during the post. Now what have I got, no Raclette and no walnut bread. This is the worst day ever. Bring on Wednesday so I can get cheese all over myself and three closest friends (not an innuendo). If this sounds up your street come and join me, we'll get scraping together, and I won't judge you if you decide it's too much effort and just dip your potatoes in the cheese. In fact maybe we should go together, my friends clearly think I'm sinning by dipping in Raclette (I'm looking at you Frankie). Get yourself to Mayfair and take advantage of the cold outside by stocking up on your cheese stores.

I'm craving cheese big time now and for once in my life we have none in the house. What's going on? It's almost like we're trying to save money by using up random cans of chickpeas we have in the house...oh wait yeah that's the glamorous life I'm living right now. Let's talk about the more exciting side of this current eating situation; we're saving to go to New York/Amsterdam/Copenhagen/Berlin. Yeah we still haven't decided where we're going but that's alright because we've decided to go Hawksmoor for breakfast. We can make decisions yeah, easy ones, involving my stomach and my friend Louie's going away breakfast (he's moving to New York...hence the saving). Also unrelated to food, I've just bought an Urban Decay palette and I am in love. Having been a MAC girl for a long time I had to stop using it because of skin problems a couple of years ago but having spoken to my friends and the internet beauty babes I've heard Urban Decay are pretty great if you have sensitive skin and so far so great! So yeah with Hawksmoor and Urban Decay it kind of explains why I'm living off chickpeas. Absolute idiot, and I want a leather jacket, need to reign it in. If anyone has any recommendations for skin care, chickpea recipes or just you know wants to tell me to get myself together, drop me a comment below. Hope you're having a fab week and are not eating chickpeas! 

Thanks to Frankie for inviting me to dine at Truc Vert, and to Russell and Louise for a wonderful evening and for sponsoring the whole affair. All opinions are from yours truly!

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