24 March 2016

Egg Wars: A New Yolk

I wanted an epic name for this Easter egg review, I think this fits. I debated about Game of Eggs - Easter is Coming and Lord of the Eggs - The Fellowship of the Egg, and Dan suggested Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Eggskaban, but in truth I'm so excited for Star Wars to come to DVD in May (SO EXCITED) there was only one real option. Why was an epic title needed? Because this is the battle of the Easter chocolate, an egg to egg if you will. I'd very generously been sent an Easter Egg from the chocolate Gods, Lindt,who I've collaborated with before to bring recipes like Blueberry Cheesecake Brownies and Dark Chocolate and Malbec No-churn Ice Cream into existence. And the lovely Bettys had also sent me a couple of Easter goodies to try.

When I found out Bettys was sending me some treats I was so excited, just to put that excitement in perspective it wasn't that dissimilar to my feelings about Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out. This might sound a bit over the top, but let's take trip down memory lane to when I was 17 (yesterday...) and got my first actual paycheck working for a butchers as opposed to, you know, the dreaded cash in hand £3 an hour wage. What did I do with said first paycheck? I took my mum out for afternoon tea at Bettys Tea Room in York. It was perfect. Apart from you know my Swiss and Falkland Island roots, the dark side of my family is from Yorkshire. Last weekend my mum and her boyfriend came up to visit us and she bought up our trip to Bettys, it's nice that some days (ok several years) on we can still talk about how good their cornflower tea is. Having sampled some of Bettya chocolate they sent me, plans are definitely in the works for making a return visit!

So as the most spoilt girl this South side of London, let's crack on with this Egg comparison shall we (the puns run all the way through this post, I can only apologise for any emotional damage caused)?

Do you like Lindt chocolate? Yes is the only reasonable answer to this question. If you are Lindt inclined, hey there, let's be friends. If not, you should probably scroll down to get to the other eggs in this post...or you could leave (we wouldn't have worked out). In short what's different about this egg to the other Lindt Eggs on the market? Not a lot if you take the egg on it's own, but it shines best when accompanied by it's mini cookies and cream bars. Cookies and cream chocolate is my jam. I literally can't get enough of it, my manfriend (Dan to those in the know) had to hide the egg from me after I ate all the bars in an hour. This is not an eggsageration (huhhhhhhhhh?). Definitely one to pick up if you are a fellow Cookie Monster, plus you get a lot of chocolate for your buck (£8-12 depending on your store of choice). I can't see this one on the website, but I've definitely seen it in Sainsburys and Waitrose for sale...I'd say you should buy one from there but strangely I think they're all going to be sold out where you live; heard some crazy lady is driving round and clearing everyone out of this egg (it's not me, I can't drive...).

Where to start with these Easter treasures. I am an absolute sucker for champagne truffles and these champagne truffle mini eggs are amazing. Also look how pretty they are, those little icing flowers are adorable. These eggs are mini versions of their large Imperial BLOOMING (pun intended) gorgeous egg which is decorated with an array of spring flowers, I love the ferns that frame the whole thing. It's so pretty and five kilos worth of joke...this is so huge it would last you till next Easter. My little chocolate hare probably isn't going to last me until then, I give it 5 minutes after finishing this post. It's so sweet and cute and I love that Bettys' sticker acts as it's little fluffy tail. Also can we all just aww over this badger? Aww (I feel so much better having done that).With it's cream packaging and metallic olive ribbon this chocolate is fancy and should be kept for fancy occasions such as Thursday evenings, weekend elevenses or you know just now (you gotta treat yourself!). So be fancy and get yourself some Bettys' chocolate, or be even fancier and visit one of their tearooms (take me with youuuuuu!).

Marks and Spencer's Beehive Honeycomb Egg

Traditionally my family spends Easter together, with a huge brunch, eggs covering the table and, what is starting to become a trend (which scares me a tad I thought it was just my crazy family), Easter decorations. What's an Easter decoration, we're talking paper mache eggs, fluffy chicks, maybe a couple of nests. All the Easter decorations. I've started seeing some Easter wreaths on our street, is that a thing? I don't know how I feel about it. Anyway the point of that ramble was that I'm not seeing my family this Easter. My mum has to work and my brothers are all away, which is rubbish, but my mum and her boyfriend did send me and Dan loads of Easter goodies, including two Beehive Honeycomb Eggs. They are gooooood. The chocolate, is chocolate, in all honesty it's not as nice as Bettys and I'm not a huge honeycomb lover (Dan's bloody wolfed his down), but the heather honey truffles it comes with are delicious and I don't normally like caramel. It's given me big ideas for Summer ice creams with chocolate and what this space because we all know I love a no churn ice cream! 

These peanut butter mini eggs are my mini Easter present for Dan. One of our favourite chocolates is the Montezuma's peanut butter bar. I was so happy to find this because I'm obsessed with the American peanut butter m&ms and they're so expensive to get over here, but this chocolate is even better. It's definitely not for everyone it has real peanut butter in the centre with a chocolate shell around it. I can't wait for Dan...yeah I mean eat these. Or at least open them so I can eat them. Am I a bad girlfriend? Maybe. Are Montezuma's peanut butter mini eggs amazing? Yes. So we've answered all the questions. And on that note I hope you enjoyed this egg to egg, I know I have. 

You didn't think this post was over did you? I see you sneaking on to another post. Come on, this is our time. You tell me how your week's been? My week has been excellent, why? It's a four day week! Woooooo! Yeaaaah! 4 days!!! That should be enough for most people but I also met with some of my favourite bloggers last night, it's so secret that me, Sophie and Frankie are close, some say too close but I say you need to hang out with me, Sophie and Frankie more. And then there's Emma, she's fab, currently in Vienna eating cake but made time to see us before she left. And Gianni, my foodmate, it's like a soul mate but with food. I've said it before but one of my favourite side effects (for want of a better description...can you tell I was a biochemistry major?) is the friendships you make through blogging and that side step from blogging friends to real life, I've met your loved ones, family and your parent's dog, friends. So yeah dinner last night was fun, if a bit loud (what is it with restaurants and club music, just stop). This weekend we're just going to chill and take it easy, have some blogging turn real life friends over for cheese fondue (it's the only thing I really cook now), oh and brunch...lots of brunch. So what's your plans? TMBYL (tell me bout yo life)? Or, alternatively TMBYE (tell me bout yo Easter)?  

Thanks to Mai who works for Lindt for sending me my delicious Lindt Cookies and Cream Easter Egg and thanks to Amy from Bettys for my Easter Chocolate Hare and Champagne Truffle Eggs. And special thanks to the chocolate gods that are Lindt and Bettys! All opinions are from yours truly! And I 100% that you go, sit on the sofa and eat some Lindt Easter Egg with a side of Bettys champagne truffle eggs. Or you know just blow the bank and get Bettys Imperial Egg (#yolo). 

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