Hi I'm Flick, thanks for stopping by my blog and wanting to know more about me.

 Through the media of They Called It The Diamond Blog, I mostly share reviews of restaurants/pop ups/street vendors/anywhere that serves food that's delicious, my explorations of London and the world outside, and my own recipes and DIY. 

As a quick snapshot of who I am I'll share my life in 'Flick Facts'. A term coined by my boyfriend's parents for stories I tell that are not wholly true but I'm convinced are (i.e., 'everyone's allergic to pineapple', 'I find it cool that your intestines can stretch around the world' and 'you know bamboo can grow so fast it can kill a man'). However, in this case I think we'll stick to the truth. 

Flick Fact 1.  I live with my high school boyfriend of 7 years (it feels like no time at all!) just outside London, we have no pets but have adopted a network of urban foxes that live on our road.

Flick Fact 2. I have no sense of shame/I haven't found it yet. I am the person that'll tell you I like your outfit while I'm walking past, try to strike up a conversation with you on the tube or make you pose for photos in front of people. 

Flick Fact 3. I am an animal person. And don't make me choose between cats and dogs because it's like asking 'in a survival scenario would you pick air or water?'

Flick Fact 4. The name They Called It The Diamond Blog is a homage to David Bowie's album and same-titled song 'Diamond Dogs'. I sing at every opportunity and have a very eclectic music taste, other favourites include Taylor Swift , Juan Zelada and The Beatles.

Flick Fact 5. We have circa 30 (!) house plants, the number of which is increasing steadily each month. My favourite of which is our Thai Basil it has the prettiest array of flowers, is very unruly and is great in salads.

I love to meet new people and collaborate with others so please do not hesitate to get in touch, big or small, social or business!

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